Sunday, April 13, 2014

Traffic, Lahore

Avoid driving if not local

Driving is risky and confusing here if you are not local. Most road users do not abide by any traffic regulations and it can best be described as a free for all. The roads and particularly side streets are poorly maintained and have numerous pot holes. There has been some significant infrastructure investment in the road network but the increase in car ownership has bought congestion and gridlock to many areas of the city so the gains have been minimal. 

The main alternative is still a proposition at this stage and has been discussed and then shelved a few times and has yet to see light of day. The Lahore Mass Transit System represents a signicant (up to £2 Billion investment) investment in the growing cities infrastructure however construction is still pending and i believe it is still at detailed design stage although there is significant political will to move the plans forward.

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