Sunday, April 13, 2014

Salt 'n Pepper Village, Lahore

This restaurant is commonly known as Village or the village it offers a fantastic buffet and a rich experience of village life of Pakistan.
the price of hi-tea is aprox 400 Rs and that of buffet is roughly between 700 to 900.
The parking z at ur own risk but still it z safe.The food that u can enjoy their is local food. 

Favorite Dish: Food is good.their is a small pan stall from where u can buy Pan for Rs 10.But i will suggest u to not to buy it coz it does not taste good u can try other places for it.Rest all dishes r can try local drink Lassi(made of water,yogurt, in summer but some people feel sleepy after drinking but not all),local ice cream 'Kulfi',sweet dishes 'Kheer'....are must to try.

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