Sunday, April 13, 2014

By Air, Lahore

The new Lahore Airport was opened in 2003. Compared to the old one, it is a huge improvement, because it now is very
modern, spacious and has all the facilities that you would expect from an international airport.

I actually feel that it is "under-utilized" at the moment because during the day you will see most of the departure/arrival gates empty. So they definitely have capacity to cater for additional flights from international destinations.
Now you can fly to Lahore even from/via Central Asia - UZBEKISTAN. Uzbekistan airways has started 3x week service to/from Tashkent-Lahore. They fly from Lahore to Tashkent on Tuesdays (11.00 hrs), Wednesdays (22.30 hrs) & Fridays (11.15 hrs), arrving in Tashkent after 2 hrs. 

On Tuesday, there are good connections further from Tashkent to other European cities like London, Paris & Rome where as on the other days there are over night stay in Tashkent before your connecting flight. 

Their current (November 2006) oneway fare from Lahore via Tashkent to London/Paris/Frankfurt is 26,000 Pakistani Rupees/430 USD.

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