Friday, November 5, 2010

Shopping in Ichhra

Ichhra is also famous for the Ichhra Bazaar (Market), a shopping centre equally popular as Anarkali bazaar. Ichhra Bazaar is normally considered among the most economical markets of Lahore. It is known for its traditional and cultural dresses and other handicrafts supplied from all over Punjab, as well as its furniture selection. There are also a few famous markets for gold jewellery.
Ichhra is located on Ferozpur Road between Gulberg, Mozzang and the Old City. It comes under union council 100 in Data Ganj Buskh Town. Being a very old locality, some very old buildings can be seen in Ichhra. Shadman & Shah Jamal Colony is located in the east, Samanabad is in the west, Rehman Pura in the south and Mozang in the north. Ichhra is a town in Lahore consisting of very old buildings, and markets. Some new houses are being built, as well as new construction sites.

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