Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lahori Zoo

LAHORE: The Lahore Zoo, a sole resort for Lahorites and people around the district, is still in need of improvement though, there are a large number of people enjoying the new look given to the zoo in the last couple of months but many remarked that there is always room for improvement, Pakistan Observer got public opinions while conducting a survey here the other day.
Established in 1872, the Lahore Zoo is spread over an area of 24 acres and currently hosts 1375 species। A plaque near the entrance to the zoo reads, “The aviary was presented to the Municipal Committee of Lahore by Lala Mela Ram in March 1872।”
Recently, certain parts of it have undergone a facelift। The walkways have been paved with tiles and some alterations have been made to the animal enclosures making them more comfortable for animals and more attractive for विसिटोर्स.
These days it is the elephant who has become the target of their comments. “Is it sick?” asked a child with curiosity. “Is it sleeping?” The zoo was full of such curious souls, not only from Lahore, but also from other parts of the country. “We are enjoying this visit a lot,” said a happy Mukarram Shah, a student of 2nd year pre-engineering at the Government Degree College, Fiasalabad. “There is no zoo in Faisalabad. We had heard a lot about the Lahore Zoo and it was time we visited it. It is a very interesting place.”

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