Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The face is an indication of inner feelings of man. We can say that the human mind is a book whose index is face. We think that God has madeour face for ourselves.but in reality it is not so. We chouldnot forget that our face is real intended for others. We don't look at our face as often as others look at it and nothing is quiet so miserable and deperssing as having to look at an unfriendly face for hours and days togather.

Our face is more than a pretty front which people admire, more than a sign board which people read, more than a visiting card which people show to introduce them. We must take care of our facenot for ourselves only so that people admire it, but also for the sake of others so that they are not disturbed by its sullen expression. Instead, they should be pleased to look at it.

I would like to pray: Oh God let us perform our duties with kind smiling faces.
Love your enemy it will drive him nuts.

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