Monday, June 23, 2008

Taxali Gate :

F।S Ijazuddin in his book "Lahore states: "Of the 12 gates perforating the outer wall of the old city only one - the Taxali gate ,taking its name from Taxal or royal Mint located nearby, provided access through the otherwise uninterested wall that extended the western length of the सिटी.
It was heavily fortified and was designed to protect the city from any attack from the west-ward." As per Latif's LAHORE, archeologist has conjectured not without some grounds that the name bears an illusion to the ancient city of Taxila. However this maybe, it is clear that the name must have been derived from the Takkas who were once the undisputed masters of the Punjab. With the passage of time this gate is completetly वनिशेद.

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