Monday, June 23, 2008

Lahore Gate :

This gate is named after the city of Lahore। It is said that when Malik Ayaz rebuilt the town in the timeof Mahmood Ghaznavi, the quarters of the city was first populated about this gate।As Dehli Gate facesDehli and Kashmiri Gate faces Kashmir, so it is said that they derived their names from these environs। Present Ichra was the actual Lahore in Hindu Raj, so this gate faces in that direction, derives its name from the so-called लाहौर।
Maharaja Ranjit Singh who besieged Lahore with a large force, it was Muhkim Din Chaudary in connivence with the Raja, was the incharge of the Lahorei Gate, opened it secretly to the invader who took possession of the city।This gate has - during the ascendency wars between the sikh nobles, sardar Hira Singh, son of Raja Dhiyan Singh, chief minister of Ranjit Singh was put to death and his head hung up for public view at this gate. This gateway still exists in its renovated form and is famous for being one of the main entrances of the city.

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